Work and daily activities are easier with KnowieGTX

Nothing makes life easier than using artificial intelligence during everyday activities or at work. All in one offers a modern messenger - KnowieGTX.


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What is KnowieGTX?

KnowieGTX is a modern messenger for work and/or everyday activities that uses ChatGPT API to integrate its functions with our chat. Enjoy artificial intelligence when communicating with people!

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Join Our Community!

Let's build together a great community that will develop the project together with our team. KnowieGTX is a fully community-driven token!



Read About Us!

Read about us on major news sites like Benziga, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch and much more!

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Great Solutions

We have designed some reliable solutions for our project that will make KnowieGTX one of the best on the cryptocurrency market. We are up to date with the market and we know what the market of investors expect from projects!

Zero Tax

Our token has no taxes! Every transaction is 0/0 and we will never put any taxes on it!

CMC Prelisted

We submitted an application for CMC Prelisted to ensure the greatest possible interest in our project.

KYC with Pinksale

We have done the most demanding KYC done by Pinksale to keep our investors safe.

KnowieGTX App

Our chat app is ready in Beta version now for you to check out on our website! Full project utility ready before launch!

Tier 1 Marketing Partner

We work with the best! Our main marketer is the Cryptovator, Tier 1 Marketing Partner from Pinksale.


We are working with many well-known personalities from the crypto world who will promote us and support our project at every stage. Everyone will be talking about us for sure!


Our Roadmap has been designed so that each point has a real impact on the development of the project.

Phase 1

Website Launch

Whitepaper Publish

Smart Contract Deploy

KYC with Pinksale

SAFU by Coinsult

App Deploy

Phase 2

Marketing Campaign Prepare

Fair Launch Deploy

Google Play App Deploy

Partnerships with Call Groups

Twitter Influencers Partnerships

Binance AMAs

Phase 3

Pinksale Fair Launch Finalize

PancakeSwap Listing

CG/CMC Listing

Billboards Partnerships

YouTube Marketing

CEX Listing

Phase 4

Fiat/Card KGTX Payment

Next CEX Listings

Visiting Dubai Crypto Event

Token Burn

10M+ MarketCap

More to be released...

Check out KnowieGTX!

Check out our chat application, used in everyday conversations, but also at work, integrated with artificial intelligence thanks to the ChatGPT API.

Chat App



Our Tokenomics has been divided in such a way as to ensure the future of the project and investment certainty for our investors. Everything has been balanced and carefully thought out.

Presale (34%)

Liquidity Pool (20%)

Marketing (10%)

App Rewards (10%)

Staking Rewards (15.3%)

CEX Listings (10%)


Total Supply

Frequenly Asked Questions

We answer the most frequently asked questions!

Yes, our project got SAFU badge from Pinksale.

The best way to contact our team is via Telegram. Join our group and ask a question, and we will be happy to answer it.

KnowieGTX (KGTX) tokens are currently available in presale on the trusted Pinksale platform.

KnowieGTX is a solution for both private individuals as well as for organizations that want to strengthen their work by integrating additional AI features into their workflow. It is primarily a modern chat platform using ChatGTP and integrating it into current solutions.

KGTX is the native token of our decentralized application - KnowieGTX which is a modern chat application for everyone who wants to learn about integration with artificial intelligence in everyday life and work.

Yes, the source code of our token has been thoroughly checked by AuditAce.